definitely recommend it.

I was a little skeptical about a three day boot camp but was quickly put at ease once the class got rolling along. Kaae is a great presenter and the material is well organized and thorough. The skills learned during the class gave me confidence that I could get up to speed and be productive using Catia v5 in a short amount of time at work. The knowledge acquired is useful for fundamental and advanced applications, the class environment was both professional and relaxed and to say Kaae goes above and beyond is an understatement. He will make sure you have a grasp of the material and give you confidence in your work place or job search. If that isn't enough, the on line simulator courses are very useful to bring you up to the next level of proficiency and keep you there until you are situated in a working environment. I don't think there are any other courses like Rillos Catia v5 training courses. Looking forward to additional classes and would definitely recommend it.

- Frank Mierau

Professionally oriented

My experience with Catia through both the Boot Camp and Advanced programs was fantastic. I had no experience with Catia prior to the class, but with the focused, well planned program, I was able to navigate and create confidently and efficiently. Kaae's presentation and industry expertise makes the learning experience, not only professionally oriented, but also enjoyable.

- David Beauregard

Good training

I am very thankful for the online training material that is put together by XDT Software. Mr. Rillos helped me get setup and going within this interactive online training. The online training program increased my retention of how to navigate through the software and I enjoy the emphasize on using the specification tree to most effective level. The lessons are enjoyable and the skills learned gives the user a foundation that he/she can build on. I recommend this training to anyone that needs to learn a widely used industrial 3D CAD software.

- John Khoury

Learned more in your class

I learned more in your class than (Very Large Aircraft Company) ever taught me about Catia.

- Jason Flynn

can't thank you enough my friend!

Your training opened up my career - can't thank you enough my friend!

- Rick Ramming

Best CAD training class

I would like to point out that Kaae s CATIA V5 training class was the best CAD training class I have ever had and I have been trained in many in my career. First of all, Kaae is a great presenter and trainer, he definitely demonstrates teaching characteristics that make CATIA V5 fun and easy to learn. Secondly, the class environment was both professional and friendly (donuts were tasty, and coffee made me full of energy learn CATIA v5 in relaxed atmosphere!). The learning material was well organized and neat, and I feel that Kaae covered just the right amount of each workbench to do what everybody needs to do and continue on by themselves! In addition, schedule is quite flexible and enabled me to take classes, even though I was busy. I would like to thank you Kaae for the great experience I had in your CATIA v5 class. I would definitely recommend you and your classes!

- Oleg Ivanov

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