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Web Simulation CATIA ® training

Module Name Video Interactive Check
1 Plate Assembly
2 Base Assembly
3 Handle Assembly
4 Siding Jaw Assembly
5 Vise Assembly
6 Flexible Rigid Assembly
7 Replacing Reusing Pattern
8 Layers and Filters
  • Learn CATIA ® at your own pace!
  • 2 years access to Web Sumulation training.
  • Video is a great overview of the CATIA ® session.
  • Interactive is, Click-4-Click, the same as the CATIA ® session!.
  • Learn in an error free environment. Repeat exercizes till you get it right.

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Web Simulation Classes
(Fundamentals for Mechanical Designers)

Number Name Description Cost Purchase
INT101 Intro to CATIA ® V5 (SAMPLE) Click $415
ADF101 Assembly Design Fundamentals (SAMPLE) Click $415
SAC101 Sketcher & Auto constraint (SAMPLE) Click $415
PDF101 Part Design Fundamentals (SAMPLE) Click $415
PPI101 Part & Product Integration Click $415
DRF201 Drafting Fundamentals Click $415
FUNBDL 6 Class Bundled Discount $1200
6 Class Bundled Discount (Bitcoin) BTC 2
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Web Simulation Classes (Advanced Classes)

Number Name Description Cost Purchase
WFF201 Wireframe Fundamentals Click $415
SFI201 Intro to Surfacing Click $415
SFO201 Surfacing Operations Click $415
FTA301 3D Functional Annotation Click $415
ADVBDL 4 Class Bundled Discount $800
4 Class Bundled Discount (Bitcoin) BTC 1.2
Questions? Call us at 206-793-3491

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